Milk is Healthy

Drink To Your Office Health

Milk is one of the richest sources of calcium in the Australian diet and is best known for the essential role it plays in building healthy teeth and bones.

To get the same amount of calcium as one 250ml serve of milk, you’ll need to eat 32 brussell sprouts, 10 cups of raw chopped spinach or one cup of dry roasted almonds!

Cheese is commonly thought of as the other good source of calcium but one cup of cheese is the equivalent in calcium to one cup of milk, yet it contains 10 times the saturated fat!

Milk provides a unique package of essential nutrients, including protein, making it a hunger-busting, healthy drink that helps you feel fuller for longer! Take a look at these amazing nutrients and how they benefit the workplace – thank goodness for milk!


How It Helps Your Staff


Essential for building and maintaining strong bones and healthy teeth.
Regulates muscle contractions, including heartbeat.
Helps relieve anxiety and tension during a busy working day.


Provides energy to keep staff going.


Essential for healthy eyesight.


Important for eye health and vision.
Helps release energy from food.
Helps cells function properly.


Very important nutrient for healthy brain function.
Good daily doses of B3 can improve memory by 10%.


Helps to relieve impact of mental and emotional stress.
Critical nutrients for all brain and nervous system function.


Helps turn the food we eat into energy.
Helps staff get a good night’s sleep so they’re refreshed for work the next day!
Helps relieve irritability and nervous tension.


Assists with blood pressure control.


Works with B vitamins to release energy from food.
Forms an important part of the mineral structure in bones and teeth.
Essential in the formation of substances, which determine memory and mental cognition.


Makes a hunger-busting liquid snack that can help them feel fuller for longer.
Needed to repair damaged body tissues.


Aids wound healing.
Helps process carbohydrate, fat and protein in food.
Vital for good mental function, including mood, concentration, motivation and stress management.


Milk and Rehydration

If your staff are outside running and exercising at lunchtime, milk is the natural way to rehydrate their bodies by replacing the right balance of fluid and electrolytes. So to get them ready for an afternoon of productivity, give them a glass of milk when they return!